What North Point can do You

The foundation of North Point Property Management is based on providing a cope and level of management services that are currently not offered by other management companies. We view your property as a business that combines the need for planning, as well as a high level of customer service.

North Point’s first tasks are to:

Our Management Services


Proactive Management

North Point provides proactive management. No business or Association can successfully operate without having all the necessary information in front of them to make informed business and financial decisions, as well as performing the seemingly simple tasks of responding to Owners with the requested information and in a timely manner. Setting a budget can the annual funding into reserves is simply making best guess estimate unless someone is out checking the market pricing on each service being performed and performing a reserve plan analysis which forms the basis for both short-term and long-term financial planning.

Effective & Reliable

These are all items included in the scope of services provided by North Point Property Management as part of our management fee. In fact, we include these items for the specific reason that North Point’s success and long-term relationship with the Association is dependent on the efforts that we continuously make to assist the Board in effectively managing the curb appeal/maintenance, financial stability, and administrative/communication needs of the Association and Owners.

North Point property manager working in office

We encourage you to ask each company if they provide the services and level of commitment to your property as part of their standard management fee.