Administrative Services

Communication is the central component to effective management

At North Point, our commitment is to respond to all communications within One Business Day.

Our administrative management program was designed with communication in mind and consists of:


North Point will plan, coordinate and schedule Board and Homeowner meetings. We will also provide to each board member a detailed agenda and supporting documentation at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting


We will handle all communications for your association. Whether it be an owner request, enforcement issues or conflict resolution, North Point will address each issue and provide the board with a copy of all communication, as well as recommendations. We will inform the board and perform appropriate follow up on any issues that require prompt attention.

Legal & Collection

Our internal collection procedures are based on a strict time line for action to ensure that we pursue outstanding receivables on behalf of the association. North Point will also assist the Board in any legal proceedings.

Community Reports

North Point will provide the Board with a weekly summary report updating the Board on any outstanding issues, maintenance projects, and other relevant matters.

Community Web Portals

We offer the ability for each Association to have their own community web portals through the North Point web site. This informational site will allow for the timely dissemination of information and also permit owners to sign up for email notifications. This service will allow associations to send out group email notice to their owners so that they are aware of upcoming events, projects or other important matters.

At North Point

We have continually invested in technology and products so we can offer the best management services available to community associations. We feel our organizational depth, versatility and experience set us apart from other management organizations. Our references have been, and continue to be, our greatest marketing resource.