Unit Owners

Emergency Information

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. In the event of an emergency, calls after hours will be handled by our emergency on-call manager. Please note, phone calls placed to the emergency line after 5:00 PM may be billable to the unit owner. Emergencies are those matters related to flood or fire. All other matters should wait until the next business day. Please note that calls made to the emergency line that are not true emergencies will be assessed $65.00 to the owner’s account.

*Fire, Flood, or life threatening = Emergency*

Where to Send Condo Fee Checks

Please send your condominium fee, made payable to {Association Name}, to the following address:

{Association Name}
c/o North Point Management PO Box 90005
Omaha, NE 68103-1505

*Please list your unit account number in the memo to ensure your account is credited properly*

Where to Create Online Payments

MutualPayPropertyPay.com and three IDs will be necessary to create an account.

Also, most associations have the ability to pay through the homeowner portal at myinfo.northpointmanagement.com

Where to Find Your IDs

Please reach out to Support@northpointmanagement.com for this information, Management ID and Association ID are on the Welcome Packets.

How to Login to Homeowner Portal

As a current unit owner at an association managed by North Point Management, please visit myinfo.northpointmanagement.com. If you have already logged in before, be sure to click ‘Login’ and not ‘Sign Up’

If you have never logged in before, not received a homeowner portal invitation, click ‘Sign Up’ ONCE.

*Please note Signing up is not instantaneous and can take up to one business day; You will then be sent a portal invitation with instructions and login credentials.

Where to Find Condo Documents and Closing Documents

The majority of closing documents will need to be obtained through homewisedocs (see Closing Documents). Current unit owners do have access to their condo documents, specific financials, and such through their homeowner portal.


What’s Required
  • COI with General Liability, Auto, Umbrella, and Workmen’s Compensation Policies.
  • W9
How Certificate Should Read

Could you please provide me with your W-9 and a Certificate of Insurance with [Association Name] and North Point Management listed as additionally insured

Please be sure to include General Liability, auto, umbrella, and Workers’ Compensation policies. Also, the certificate holder field needs to read:

[Association Name]
c/o North Point Management
55 Lake Street, 4th Floor, Suite 7
Nashua, NH 03060

Where to Send Invoices

Please be sure the invoices are billed to:

[Association Name]
c/o North Point Management
P.O. Box 2321
Secaucus, NJ 08094

You can email invoices directly to our lockbox to process payment. Npinvoices@ipsServices.com

Where to Send a Proposal and/or Contract