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What to Expect From Your Property Management Company

What to Expect From Your Property Management Company

If you are a landlord, you know how time-consuming it can be. Owning rental property has been compared to having a second job. Instead of passive income, it’s extra work. But you can reduce most of your landlord responsibilities when you hire a property management company. When you hire a property management company in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you get a wide range of services. Here are just some of the services you can expect as our client:

Property Maintenance

Your property’s routine and urgent repairs and/or replacements are handled by the property management company. This might be anything from repairing a running toilet to replacing an air conditioner filter to upgrading an above microwave. The tenant will never get in touch with you directly about these matters. We would receive a service request from your renter, and then notify the tenant about the status of the request. Of course, if replacement or repair costs are substantial, we will consult with you to identify the best course of action.

Price Comparison

We will shop around on your behalf if the property needs to have a costly repair or replacement. This helps to ensure that you always get a reasonable price for higher expenses.

Accounting Services

Monthly and/or yearly financial reports are given to our landlords by our certified accounting department. As a landlord, these reports can help you organize and understand your cash flow and tax records. To keep your finances in order, you can instantly check your monthly expenses and revenue. To make sure that all permitted deductions are made, many landlords forward these reports to their personal or business tax accountants at year’s end.

Management of Missed or Late Payments

Your property management team will be aware instantly if a tenant is late with a rent payment. You won’t ever need to contact your tenant by phone or email to inquire about rent payments. We will identify the issue and take the appropriate action within the constraints of the law. We will keep you updated on the situation and let you know when you can expect the rent to be deposited into your account. If there is an ongoing issue with late or missing payments, we will recommend appropriate, enforceable action.

Renter Screening

Additionally, tenant screening can be done by your property management company. To make sure you receive the finest tenant for your rental property, we will generate application forms, accept completed applications from tenant candidates, conduct background checks, conduct interviews, and take any other necessary actions to screen tenants.

In short, your property management company is your right-hand person when it comes to property ownership. We help to make your dreams of passive income a reality by taking care of your property in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. Reach out to our friendly team to learn more.

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