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The Benefits of Relying on a Property Manager for Maintenance

The Benefits of Relying on a Property Manager for Maintenance

Homeowners associations may be comprised of homeowners, but that doesn’t mean the individuals or associations should be taking care of all exterior maintenance. Relying on a property manager for maintenance needs has multiple benefits when compared to a DIY approach for an HOA.

Have Maintenance Taken Care Of

The most important benefit of hiring a property manager is simply that routine maintenance gets done. Whether treating greenery in spring, mowing in summer, cleaning up the landscaping in fall, or removing snow in winter, a property manager will ensure the routine exterior maintenance that’s needed is completed on time. It’s their job to “manage” the property, after all.

When HOAs self-manage maintenance needs, the responsibility usually falls to volunteer board members. As well-intentioned as HOA board members might be, few have lots of free time that they’re willing to spend arranging and following up on maintenance needs. Sometimes individual owners get frustrated and take certain maintenance tasks on themselves, but this can result in an amateur job being done.

Using a property manager saves board members time and ensures the work is done properly.

Get Emergency Work Promptly Attended To

Emergencies will inevitably arise when managing an HOA’s property. A fallen tree branch could damage a roof, a raccoon could get into the garbage, a pipe could burst, or any number of other things could go wrong.

When these fall to a volunteer board, board members don’t always have time to take care of the emergency right away. A burst pipe might require that someone immediately take care of the matter regardless of what else they’re doing. A damaged roof or raccoon might be put off, however, and even putting it off for a few hours or days could increase the damage that’s done.

A property manager will be able to immediately address any emergencies that arise with an HOA’s property. They’ll either take care of the matter themselves or delegate the issue to someone else if they’re personally busy. Good property managers even have emergency numbers that can be called after hours.

Hire the Best Contractors

Property managers know the best contractors in the area for each maintenance and repair job. They’ve worked with landscapers, snow removal companies, exterminators, carpenters, painters, paving companies, and many others. They don’t have to go based just on quotes and online reviews. They’ll know who does the best job for the best price, based on their own experience with contractors.

Hiring the best person not only ensures the job is done properly but also can save an HOA money. The HOA doesn’t overpay for work, and the job shouldn’t have to be redone prematurely. On a major job, the savings could exceed a property manager’s monthly fee.

Hire a Property Manager for Your HOA

If you need help managing an HOA’s property, contact us at North Point Property Management. We’ll make sure your HOA’s property is properly looked after.

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