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How Community Management Companies Work With Local Community Officials

How Community Management Companies Work With Local Community Officials

Community management companies like North Point Property Management make it easy for property owners to be compliant with state and local laws and regulations. Every community exists within the broader boundaries of a town or city. While the community management company holds jurisdiction over the community, the local government holds jurisdiction over the community and the property management company. When the community management company nurtures a working relationship with local officials, it’s able to ensure that it can fulfill its duties to the community in a way that complies with local laws without overstepping legal boundaries. Community management companies work with local community officials in a variety of ways.

Fosters Mutual Respect

An established history of communication with local government authorities gives both parties ample opportunity to build mutual respect. Government officials will see that the community management company officials are serious-minded individuals who are committed to working with—not against—local law enforcement.

Facilitates Communication

A community management company does not need permission from the local government to oversee a community. As long as it operates within legal boundaries, with the proper forms and legalities, it can exist independently of the local town or city governance.

Of course, this kind of insular existence poses problems when local government does need to get involved with an issue within community boundaries. It isn’t advantageous for either party for the first communication to be around something negative, where the community management company needs the local government’s assistance in carrying out one of its duties. Establishing the relationship well ahead of time, as North Point Property Management does, facilities all collaboration going forward.

Utilizing Tax-Paid Services

Community management companies have budgets to adhere to and it makes sense to cut costs where possible. When the community management company works with local government, it can readily avail of services that are “free,” paid for with tax dollars. These include certain kinds of pest control and remediation, certain tree-trimming services, street drainage issues, and public safety concerns.

Providing Free Fire Extinguisher Inspections

The community management company can help residents take advantage of free fire extinguisher inspections by hosting the local fire department for an evening. Residents could bring in their fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide, and smoke detectors for inspection and advice. This entire group of services is offered at no charge from the fire department, yet greatly benefits residents in the community.

Ensuring Compliance and Reduces Incidences of Fines

Community management companies also save property owners money by ensuring compliance and greatly reducing or eliminating the potential for local fines. Common fines might have to do with things like parking, maintenance, exterior lighting, etc. With a communication management company in place, things like this can be avoided.

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