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Common HOA Problems a Professional Management Company Solves

Common HOA Problems a Professional Management Company Solves

North Point Property Management develops and publishes informative resources for our NH, MA, and ME clients and the neighborhood and communities they serve. A core principle guiding our HOA and condominium service plans is building strong relationships with community board members. This allows us to deliver superior service plans designed for the unique needs of each individual client.

In keeping with our commitment to helping boards solve potential pain points and inform and educate their homeowners, this post will highlight three benefits that partnering with North Point Property Management has proven to drive better community relationships.

Developing Consistent Policy Enforcement Policies

One of our internal policies is a daily commitment to maintaining a well-qualified, well-equipped support team for our clients. Consistency matters. Our team members are experts at helping boards and those who enforce covenants and NH, MA, and ME state laws develop enforcement policies that apply fees and sanctions evenly.

One area of focus is customizing a clearly written enforcement policy. This includes wording that specifically details how all homeowners are treated fairly, without discrimination or preference toward any group. As your property management partner, we maintain digital copies of all correspondence, and when appropriate, assess fines and other remedies based on community bylaws and covenants – consistently, every time. This ensures homeowners know what to expect, how to dispute a charge, and how to remedy the infraction. It also eliminates stress for front-line contact representatives and community members.

Creating Preventative Maintenance Programs That Save Homeowners Money

Consistency extends beyond enforcement into other areas, such as maintenance. Whether an association maintains its own maintenance crew or depends on North Point to oversee maintenance, we believe preventative maintenance is critical for success.

We have developed relationships with high-quality vendors that empower us to extend the life of appliances and keep your property in peak performance mode. By creating and implementing a proactive maintenance program based on the client’s budget and unique property, we deliver a work-order-based plan that allows homeowners and board members to monitor service request progress online.

Transparency relieves stress and allows our shareholders to provide feedback, both positive and negative. We rely on these conversations to shape our maintenance program – changing what needs tweaking and keeping those strategies in place that promote confidence and superior customer service delivery.

Becoming a Transparent Governing Body

Confidence building often depends on how transparent the governing body is. Integrity without compromise guides every transparency model. The Architectural Review Process is one area that has great potential for creating stress for owners and board members.

The North Point technology suite empowers homeowners with access to a written review policy, so they know how long a review typically takes and what steps are involved. Transparency should be a priority throughout your organization.

At North Point Property Management, helping our clients achieve their goals with cost-effective solutions delivered by a team that values your unique needs is a priority. Contact us so we can help you eliminate your community pain points.

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