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6 Ways Your HOA Can Prepare for the Holidays

6 Ways Your HOA Can Prepare for the Holidays

Serving on a Home Owners Association board can be a thankless job, and relationships with owners and residents can become strained. The holidays provide an opportunity to use the spirit of the season to have a little fun and possibly build some connections. Here are six ways your HOA board can prepare for the holidays to make an impact.

1. Send a Holiday Newsletter

A holiday email or mailed newsletter should be positive and useful. Sure, you need to remind residents about regulations concerning decorations, but the tone of the missive needn’t be hectoring. It could include decorating ideas, recipes, gift-giving tips, or a holiday to-do checklist. A brief history of the association might be interesting and informative.

2. Decorate Common Areas

Some HOAs have a contract with a professional to provide holiday decorations. If you don’t, though, it’s an opportunity for residents to gather, pitch in and get to know one another. It’s satisfying to step back as a community association group and admire your decorative work, especially while enjoying some hot cocoa and cookies.

3. Promote Contests and Exchanges

A lot of homeowners and renters like to go all out (within the HOA regulations, of course) in concocting a holiday display. You can have fun with it and offer a prize for the best effort. Other ideas are a cooking contest, a recipe exchange, or a white elephant gift exchange.

4. Host a Holiday Party

A condominium club room is ideal for this, but if you don’t have a party space, you can reserve the back room of a local eatery. Another idea is to recruit a handful of residents to host a progressive dinner. Depending on your state, your bylaws, and your budget, you may be able to use a small amount of association funds for this.

5. Organize a Volunteer Event

Get to know each other while doing some good. You could sign up residents to work at a food bank or soup kitchen. You might go caroling at a senior facility. Better yet, you could use the event to initiate a relationship with a charity that continues through the entire year. Many organizations have a surplus of volunteers at holiday time but not enough in the other 11 months.

6. Involve Your Property Management Company

All year, the HOA board and the property manager work hard under pressure, and it’s helpful for them to get to know each other in a less stressful setting. Also, the management company may have some insight on what is proper and allowable, e.g., whether you can spend association money on social events.

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